photographie: Grégory Colbert


"Life opens a depth before me...
This depth, in a sense, I know it: it is mine.
It is also what is most distantly stolen from me,
what I don't understand and what exactly I'm looking for."

ITAKETOC is a non-profit french association. 
Its mission is:
to support people and animals towards well-being through all the useful proposals adapted to their needs;
to promote professionals, organisations, competent associations practising with benevolence in accordance with the ethics of the association and to organise actions to promote them (publications, meetings, workshops, exhibitions,..);
to promote and be an actor in the respect and protection of life and nature in all its forms.
ITAKETOC is particularly sensitive to the most vulnerable such as children and animals.
ITAKETOC refuses government funding to preserve its freedom and rejects any sectarian spirit.


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